About Us

Reddiford Financial

Reddiford has its foundations in the Insurance industry from its owner John Reddiford, who started his career in 1986. Our aim is simple, to provide good advice to our clients.

At Reddiford, we aim to provide professional advice to ensure you and your family enjoy a comfortable level of living at all times.

We offer:

  • Personable service
  • Ongoing advice and assistance
  • Simplified claim applications
  • Long term support


Our Team


John Reddiford

John looks after the Investments side of the business.  His expertise is in Retirement Planning and Funding.  He also is a big believer in protecting the health of workers and provides Company workplace Medical cover schemes.



Chris Reddiford

Chris is a Lincoln University graduate in Business and Property Valuation.

His specialty is Health Insurance and he is a keen sportsman, playing premier Hockey for University.